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Regional Press Review (6-11 August)


Siberian fire limits Gazprom exports to Europe.

Ukrainian President Zelensky stated that peace is dependent on President Putin.

Chechen convicted over killing of Chechen asylum seeker in Austria.

China and Russia showcase growing ties with joint military exercises.

Sergei Kovalyov dies at 91.

British national detained in Germany on suspicion of spying for Russia.


Azerbaijani activist Alizamin Salaev achieves transfer to colony medical unit.

Azerbaijani journalists condemn abuse by police.


Bulgaria’s winning party withdraws proposed cabinet, paving way for new vote.

Deputy Prime Minister Pekanov: Bulgaria not required to introduce the euro once Bulgaria’s incomes reach EU-average.


USAID launches program to engage the Georgian private sector in developing skills of local workforce.

Georgia register record high COVID deaths in a single day.


Large corruption cases and the activity of the Prosecutor’s office are on the Supreme Security Council Agenda.

Deputy Prime Minister announces priority zero for Moldova’s integration in the European Union.


Prime Minister Citu stated that Romania is steadily exiting the ‘low-wage country’ spectrum.


President Erdoğan discussed ties and regional matters with Georgian and African leaders.


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed observations on the Russian actions against Ukraine in the Black and Azov Seas. U.S.

Minister of Energy declares that in the upcoming visit to the United States, the energy dialog should be deepened. 


Czech firefighters arrived in Greece for 10-day mission.

Czech Foreign Ministry calls on Belarus to release all political prisoners.


Hungarian universities to offer courses throughout Carpathian Basin.

Hungary anti-LGBTQ law to apply around churches.


Poland to disband contested judge disciplinary system.

Agreement party leaves ruling United Right coalition.


Korčok: Slovakia will continue to support the citizens of Belarus in their desire for democracy and freedom.


Slovenian Government: Slovenia is in compliance with EU directive on non-EU citizen’s right to buy property.

The Government has adopted a response to the European Commission’s warning that Slovenia does not comply with a directive on the status of non-EU citizens who are long-term residents and their right to buy property. The Government argues the Slovenian law is not in breach of the directive as it allows this group to rent housing. The Commission admitted that EU member states have discretion to set such conditions for the purpose of integration, but they must be proportionate. (Total Slovenia News, August 9)

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