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Regional Press Review (5-12 October)


Russia offers to ease Europe’s gas crisis on specific terms.

EU calls for justice fifteen years after Russian journalist Politkovskaya’s murder.

The investigation of torture and rape of prisoners in the Saratov region will be handled by the central office of the IC.

Poll: Trust In President Putin drops to lowest levels since 2012.

Kremlin declares NATO diplomatic expulsions undermine ties with Moscow.

EU added eight more people to the sanctions list over Russian actions in Crimea.

Blinken and Lavrov discuss Iran nuclear deal as Tehran signals talks ‘days’ away.

Russian NGO defending conscripts’ rights ceases activities out of fear of persecution.

Russia designates more RFE/RL journalists as “foreign agents”.


Turkey and Azerbaijan launch joint military drills.

Azerbaijani activist sentenced to 13 years in prison on ‘absurd’ terrorism charges.

Azerbaijan sends defiant message to Iran. Azerbaijani officials rejected claims by Iranian officials that Israeli forces are present on the Azerbaijani-Iranian border.


Bulgaria’s President: We Refuse to Greenlight Northern Macedonia.

Bulgarian oligarch Delyan Peevski was summoned for questioning at State Agency for National Security.

Bulgaria detains one Russian, two Lithuanians over alleged espionage at arms maker.

Elections on November 14 will have one smart card in use, alongside a machine, for each votant.


Dumitru Robu proposed acting Prosecutor General.

Sweden supports Moldova’s European integration efforts.

Moldovan leftists protest arrests in Prosecutor’s Office.

Moldova’s national economy registers clear tendency of recovery according to a report.


Government dismissed as PSD motion of censure passes.

Dacian Ciolos resigned from the leadership of Renew Europe.

Romania’s president proposes center-right party head to form Government.

Private companies in Romania predicted to increase wages by over 8% in 2021 and 2022.


Turkey-Greece consultative talks in Ankara.

Turkish President signals new military push into Syria.

Turkey proposes G20 working group for Afghanistan.


Ukrainian FM is ready to meet with his Hungarian counterpart.

President of Ukraine Zelensky and President of Israel Herzog made a joint statement following the official visit of the President of Israel to Kyiv.

Ukrainian bank chief dismissed after assault on journalists.

Ahead of EU-Ukraine Summit, EU foreign-policy Chief signals ‘progress’ alongside push for further reforms.

Top European Union officials have pledged deeper support for Ukraine in ensuring reliable gas supplies.


Czechia among states calling for Commission to address energy price spikes.

Czech Army to get new anti-aircraft defense system.

Pandora Papers: Czech PM Babiš used offshore companies to buy USD 22 million French estate.

Czech Republic in post-vote limbo after President takes sick.


Turkey-Hungary Strategic Cooperation Council to meet in Istanbul in November.

Momentum President initiates vote of no confidence against himself after primaries failure.

Hungarian opposition Primary under way again to pick PM Orban challenger.

Rushed introduction of Euro could hurt Hungary’s growth.


Poland supports Western Balkans’ EU aspirations.

Polish Foreign Minister and PACE head discuss situation on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Shots fired from Belarus at Polish troops, according to Warsaw.

V4 wants peace and development in Middle East according to the Polish Prime Minister.


Group around Nitra-based businessman Bödör screened opposition politicians under Smer Government.


West Balkan leaders leave Brdo summit with mixed impressions.

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