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#Newsletter Exclusive / True Story Project

Regional Press Review (22 – 28 Oct.)


Russia states it is ready to suspend its nuclear weapons program to prolong the weapons deal with the U.S.

Russian Polyus reports that Siberian gold mine is the largest in the world. 

Putin: Russia–China military alliance can’t be ruled out. 

Alexei Navalny: the Russian President “intervened” to allow critic’s move to Germany. 

EU restrictions against Russian military personnel for cyberattacks against the German Parliament. 

Edward Snowden received permanent residence in Russia.

U.S. claims Russian hackers targeted State, local governments ahead of election. 

Navalny’s poisoning spooked Russia.

Russia ties unlikely to get better, irrespective of U.S. election result.

With the completion of the weapons embargo, will Russia expand to the Iranian weapons market? 

Russia is offering missiles in an attempt to resume weapons control negotiations.

Moscow to maintain its collaboration with Turkey.


Armenian, Azerbaijani leaders talk war as world powers press for Nagorno-Karabakh truce. 

Armenian President meets NATO Chief, slams Turkey. 

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Armenia and Azerbaijan agree to U.S.-brokered ceasefire. 

Iran deploys troops along border with Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Nagorno-Karabakh says its military death toll rises to 1,009. 


Pompeo to meet with Armenian, Azeri Foreign Ministers. 

Ahead of U.S. talks, Azerbaijan accused of cluster-bombing “residential areas”. 

More than 70 rockets hit northwestern Iran today.

France demands end to Turkish “Provocations” in Karabakh. 

Nearly 5000 have died in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Putin says. 


EC sent letter to Bulgaria about the citizenship by investment scheme. 

U.S. and Bulgarian officials meet for two days of security talks. 

Georgievski: North Macedonia and Bulgaria, lost in translation. 

Bulgaria: Public broadcasting and democratic well-being. 

Protests in Bulgaria: Day 110. 


Transparency International Georgia assesses corruption in 2016-2020.

NATO Secretary-General calls Georgia, Ukraine “highly valued partners”. 


Developments in Transnistrian settlement process discussed at OSCE Permanent Council. 

November 1 presidential elections to be monitored by over 2,000 observers. 


U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, FM Aurescu discuss defense, energy, 5G cooperation. 

Ukraine, Romania step up cooperation within international organizations. 

PM Orban, French counterpart Castex sign new, updated roadmap for Romania–France Strategic Partnership. 

French Premier welcomes Romania’s solidarity after “the defaming attacks” launched by Erdoğan against Macron. 

NATO’s Deputy Secretary General Geoană: Romanian-American Strategic Partnership becomes more robust each year. 


Turkey to extend gas exploration in Eastern Mediterranean. 

Turkish courts pursue trials, asset seizures in multiple cases against journalists. 

Turkey slams joint declaration by Cyprus, Greece and Egypt.

Stoltenberg: Greece and Turkey decide on military exercise moratorium for next week. 

France recalls Turkey envoy after Erdogan says Macron needs “mental check”.

Turkish leader backs boycott of French goods over cartoon row. 


Zelenskiy declares those who gave up Crimea without a fight must be held responsible. 

Ukraine’s Naftogaz supports expansion of U.S. sanctions against Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. 

Hundreds of Belarusian techies find refuge in Ukraine as Belarus protests continue. 

Zelensky stresses free nature of elections in Ukraine after historic vote. 

Observers criticize Ukraine’s Zelensky for blurring elections with cannabis poll.

United States ready to cooperate in creation of Crimean Platform.


Police in Prague clash with citizens protesting the Government’s COVID-19 restrictions. 


Almost three-quarters of Hungarians agree to tie EU Funds to rule of law criteria. 

Hungarian court gags investigative report, citing EU data protection law.

Ukraine refuses entry to two Hungarian officials due to campaigning in Zakarpattia region.

Ukraine with “unfriendly steps” refuses Hungarian support for Euro-Atlantic integration efforts–Szijjártó.


Constitutional tribunal ruling makes abortion practically illegal in Poland. 

Norwegian asylum case points to Polish, Hungarian “deviation” on western values.

Polish PM meets with leader of Belarusian opposition. 

Poles protest abortion ban in churches and on streets. 

Deputy PM Gowin wants to reframe the abortion “compromise”.

Police hand out fines over abortion protests in Poland.


Tragic death of Slovak national at the core of the European Parliament plenary talk on police violence.


NGOs face eviction from Metelkova compound. 

Slovenia: Minister Logar meets with Linkevicius and Tihanovski. 

Janša endorses Trump. 

Biden Aide gets into Twitter fight with Janša after Trump endorsement.

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