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Regional Press Review (20-27 October)


Turkey apprehends six men suspected of planning attacks against Kadyrov’s critics.

NATO Chief: relations with Russia at the lowest point since the Cold War.

Russian jailed after playing fictional Ministry Spokeswoman in online series.

Putin will not attend the COP26 Climate Summit.

Tatarstan opposes federal draft law on retitling the Republic’s President.

Moscow slams Washington’s decision to add Russians seeking U.S. visas to “homeless nationals” list.

Russian investigative journalist added to “wanted list”.

Russia issues arrest warrants for the prison-torture whistle-blower.


Turkish President Erdogan and Azerbaijan President Aliyev open an airport near Nagorno-Karabakh.


Azerbaijan releases Iranian truck drivers at the center of diplomatic disputes.


Bulgarian political parties ask for Health Minister Katsarov’s Resignation.

In September, the number of detained migrants in Bulgaria has increased by 28.9% compared to August.

The European Commission started the evaluation of the Bulgarian recovery plan.


Saakashvili’s lawyer says his client’s health state has dramatically worsened.


Moldova to use Ukraine’s expertise in gas import.

PM Gavrilița will ask Parliament to declare state of emergency.

Ursula von der Leyen: EU will help Moldova to face its gas supply issue. 

Moldova makes its first purchase of gas from alternative sources in its history.


Prime Minister-designate sends party leaders truce proposal to support minority Government.

President Iohannis to pay a state visit to Egypt.

Romanian Orthodox Church condemns anti-vaxxer cleric.

Romania received medical assistance from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and the WHO.


Turkey stakes its claim over the F-35 payment.

Turkish Foreign minister speaks with Iranian and UAE counterparts.

President Erdogan is expelling the Ambassadors of United States, Germany, France and seven other countries.

Erdogan says he is “likely” to meet Biden in Glasgow with the F-35 issue as top on agenda.

Erdogan said he will discuss with the U.S. leader the $1.4-billion payment plan for the F-35 fighter jets that Washington refused to deliver to Turkey after Ankara purchased Russian-made S-400 defense systems. The most important subject in this meeting would be the F-35 issue, he said, noting that there are signals from Washington to deliver the F-16 warplanes in return for Turkey’s money paid for F-35 program. (Hurriyet, October 27)


Ukrainian and Moldovan Foreign Ministers meet in Kyiv.

TRT World Forum: Turkey does not recognize temporary occupation of Crimea by Russia.

Ukrainian parliament speaker and Chinese ambassador discuss inter-Parliamentary cooperation.

Ukraine receives 600 million EUR in macro-financial assistance from EU.


China angered by the Taiwanese Foreign Minister’s trip to Prague.

Constitutional Court ruling strengthens rights of demonstrators to peaceful assembly and privacy.

Taiwanese trade mission signs memoranda on closer cooperation with the Czech Republic.

Interior Minister Hamáček resigns as Social Democrat leader.

Senate to consider the possible transfer of the powers of the Head of State to other Constitutional Officials.


The Hungarian Government wants to bring back “Transit Zones” for migrants.

Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina sign an agreement on mutual protection of classified information.

Supreme Court annuls one of the Government referendum questions.

Court says the two Hungarian Parties in Romania cannot merge.


Merkel appeals for an amicable solution in the EU’s dispute with Poland.

The European Parliament adopts a resolution on Poland’s Constitutional Court ruling.

Polish President to visit Paris.

The European Commission asked the Polish Government to shut down the Turów mine.


The Slovenian and Russian agriculture Ministers sign cooperation plan.

Slovenia joins the initiative pushing for EU rapid reaction force.

EU Innovation Commissioner Mariya Gabriel visits Slovenia.

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