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Regional Press Review (18-24 August)


Moscow Court fines Google for failing to delete banned content.

Navalny’s flight risk status remains in force after Moscow City Court rejects appeal.

Moscow Police use leaked personal data to investigate Navalny supporters.

Russia labels independent election monitor as “foreign agent” ahead of September elections. 

Saudi Arabia and Russia have signed a military cooperation agreement at an arms expo outside Moscow.

Russia imposed sanctions against the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Russia won’t intervene in the conflict between the Taliban and resistance fighters.

Kremlin accuses Germany of carrying out a provocation against Russia.

Norway and Russia sharpen transparency pact on the movement of warships and aircraft.


Russian Ambassador to Armenia visited the Yeraskh border posts.

Prime Minister Pashinian advocates opening up transport links, rejects ‘corridor’ for Azerbaijan.

The U.S. calls for a negotiated settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.


Azerbaijani activists in Georgia want family names ‘liberated from occupation’.

Constitutional change does not dampen Azerbaijan’s Ashura commemorations.

South-Ossetia oppositionists call for a no-confidence vote to Government.


President Radev opens additional consultations with Parliamentary Groups on formation of Government.

Bulgaria’s Parliament condemned police violence against protesters in 2020.

Bulgaria’s Caretaker Foreign Minister takes part in Crimean Platform Summit in Kyiv.


New Deputy Finance Minister appointed.

Georgia turns its back on the West, while strengthening ties with Russia.

Georgian Prime Minister met with the President of Ukraine.


Moldova’s Prime Minister had a meeting with the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova.

Ukrainian Prime Minister to visit Chisinau.

Moldovan President seeks a ‘pragmatic relationship’ with Russia in the future.

Moldova will benefit from 236 million dollars on behalf of the IMF.


Dan Vilceanu appointed as Finance Minister.

U.S. fund invested 21 mln in Romanian energy and gas supplier.

Romania’s newly appointed Finance Minister questions rising inflation.

Romanian Liberal leader officially enrolls in the race for a new mandate.


Turkey states that is ready for any kind of cooperation with Afghanistan.

U.S. denies deal between Turkey and the U.S. on Afghan refugees.

Turkey criticizes the U.S. administration for its continued support of the YPG.

The Turkish Government denied the claim of a plan to establish a migrant center.


Five Crimean Tatars detained in Russia-annexed Crimea.

Ukrainian leader tries to put spotlight back on Russian-occupied Crimea.

Ukraine bans website accused of ‘pro-Russian propaganda’.

President Zelenskiy looks to International Forum to return Russia-annexed Crimea.


Czech evacuation mission in Afghanistan has ended.

Former MP Jaroslav Škárka has received a suspended one-year prison sentence for hate speech about premature babies with disabilities.

Lower House committee to debate President’s claim that the intelligence agency spied on people close to him.

The Czech Republic suspends payment of 40 million crowns as development aid to Afghanistan.


Hungary to send evacuation team to Afghanistan.

Cooperation between Russia and Hungary has reached an “unprecedented level”. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that such cooperation between the countries is unprecedented.


Polish President to visit Ukraine and Moldova.

EU Ministers back Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia in the Belarusian migration crisis.

Right-wing MP demands a fence at the Polish-Belarussian border.

Poland offers humanitarian aid to migrants in Belarus.


Two dozen people evacuated from Afghanistan.


Opposition announces vote of no confidence in Education Minister.

Slovenia donates firefighting equipment to North Macedonia.

Slovenian Foreign Minister promises Austria full transparency about nuclear plans.

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