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#Newsletter Exclusive / True Story Project

Regional Press Review (14-20 Iulie)


Russian-based ransomware group’s websites offline. 

Zelensky respondents to Putin’s article on Ukraine. 

Russia holds military drills in Tajikistan amid Taliban offensive. 

Russian prosecutor seeks suspended sentences for U.S. investor Calvey, associates. 

Merkel, Biden united on preventing Russia from using energy against neighbors. 

Putin orders government to help Belarus weather western sanctions. 

OPEC+ reaches agreement on oil output increase; Russia to boost production.

Donald Trump slams “disgusting” report on Russian interference in 2016 election.

Russia claims successful test launch of new hypersonic missile. 


Constitutional Court ends hearings on election appeals. 

Charles Michel backs international mediation to Armenia—Azerbaijan conflict. 

Arrests of Armenian opposition mayors continue.

Constitutional Court upholds election results. 


Aliyev warns Armenia amid fresh border tensions. 

Azerbaijan suspected of spying on reporters, activists by using software to access phones.

Azerbaijani, Armenian forces exchange fire along tense border section. 


Final results in Bulgarian vote confirm win for anti-elite party. 

Outrage over Trifonov’s “Facebook Republic”. 

Bulgaria’s interim government accuses controversial prosecutor of wrongdoing. 

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office: “No illegal eavesdropping on politicians.” 


Four Georgian TV Stations suspend broadcasting for 24 hours, demand PM’s resignation. 

EU says top court appointments in Georgia defy April 19 deal. 

U.S. Department of State, EU consider consequences for journalist’s death, LGBT rights. 

Georgian government probes anti-Pride activists. 

President Michel says EU aid conditioned on court reform.


Moldovan president presents her foreign policy priorities. 

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova seek acceptance of their EU membership perspective. 

Moldovan electoral body confirms result of parliamentary elections, MP mandates.


Powerful former leader of Romanian Social Democrats released from prison. 


Turkey demands the extradition of 86 “Gulenists” from North Macedonia. 

Turkey and Israel agree to work towards improving relations. 

Turkish ship fires warning shots at Cyprus coastguard. 


Ukraine’s powerful interior minister tenders resignation. 

Supreme Court strikes down Zelensky’s attempt to block judge’s appointment. 

Retired Ukraine police attempt to storm parliament. 

Georgian President pardons Ukrainian sailors. 


Czech PM publishes new book: “Share Before they Ban It”. 

Russia blocks access to Radio Prague International website over Jan Palach article. 

Brussels approves Czech National Recovery Plan. 


Writers, bookstores brace for ban on LGBT content. 

Politicians demand inquiry into alleged spying.

Orbán calls EU action on LGBT rights “legalized hooliganism”. 

U.S., Hungary sign implementation deals under defense cooperation agreement.


Polish and EU courts clash as critics warn of legal “Polexit”. 

European Commission goes after Hungary, Poland over LGBTQI+ rights. 

Germany loses OPAL gas pipeline appeal as court sides with Poland. 

PM calls Polish bid to tighten media ownership rules “perfectly normal”.

Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian troops in joint drills.


Ousted Slovak PM visits EU Commission representation. 


Slovenia: Progress slow in EU migration pact talks. 

Survey: Janša’s Government extremely unpopular, Janša’s party still #1.  

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