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JOINT STATEMENT Of Ukrainian NGOs Countering Disinformation

Media Reforms Center is an educational platform, founded by Mohyla School of Journalism at National University of ‘Kyiv­Mohyla Academy’, which aims to implement high standards of journalism education in Ukraine, raise the level of media literacy, inform about the danger of propaganda and dissemination of fake information in the media.


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Please read and share the joint statement of Ukraine Crisis Media Center and numerous other Ukrainian NGOs about the sanctioned pro-Russian TV-channels. It explains what it’s not an attack on freedom of speech. 112, Zik and Newsone are tools of malign influence operation disseminating Kremlin agenda and should be treated as such.

We, the representatives of Ukrainian civil society and expert community countering disinformation, insist that sanctions imposed on Taras Kozak, legal owner of TV-channels 112, ZIK and Newsone, and legal entities linked to him by the decree of President Volodymyr Zelensky on February 2, 2021 to  implement the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, do not constitute an attack on the freedom of speech.

These channels constitute tools of foreign influence operations, and therefore a systemic treat to information security of Ukraine for the following reasons:

Considering all of the above, 112, ZIK and Newsone cannot be considered genuine media intending to provide objective and unbiased information for the good of the public; they behave as tools of malign influence operations aimed to smuggle narratives of Kremlin propaganda under the mask of “domestic” Ukrainian media. Limiting their activities in Ukraine is a step towards enhancing information security of the Ukrainian state, especially vital during the ongoing Russian aggression against it.



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